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About South Bend

There is something about South Bend that pulls a person back. It may be the Midwest attitude or the spacious living accommodations, or perhaps it’s the combination that allows one to focus on the important things in life. Midwesterners are known for putting their main focus on family and quality of life.


A frum yid who is, hopefully, already interested in heading down a path of deeper meaning and connection, will appreciate the headspace made available by living comfortably. Additionally, the outstanding communal infrastructure in South Bend is designed to help individuals and families on their paths to their potentials. Combined, living in South Bend is a formula for a fulfilling life both spiritually and physically.


If you’re a person living the busy city life and feel like you don't have time to think, hear it from those who were lucky enough to grow up here, or have spent time or learned in yeshiva here: there is no better way to set yourself up for success than to make the move. Move to South Bend and watch your family grow in ways you didn't realize were possible.

Affordable Housing

Living in the frum South Bend community provides one with the ability to find beautiful and affordable housing. Here are just a few houses within the community that have recently been on the market.


4 bd / 4 ba / 3,075 sqft



3 bd / 2 ba / 2,365 sqft



3 bd / 2 ba / 2,472 sqft


Office Desk

Career Opportunities

The greater South Bend / Mishawaka area are home to a large range of career opportunities. Medicine, education, finance, technology, manufacturing, and more can be found in our community.

Here are some sample job opportunities that can be found in the South Bend area:

Pediatric Speech Therapist

Footprints Pediatric


Freight Broker

Pro Fleet Transport Corp.

$75k / yr

Tech Support Specialist

LEA Professional

$55k-$70k / yr

Distribution Manager

Stanz Foodservice, Inc.

$79k-$100k / yr

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